My name is Keith Strickland and like I said on my home page, this server is maintained by me. This is one of my hobbies along with reef keeping which I’ve been doing now for about 5 years. I’m a Lotus Notes/Domino Administrator by trade and do quite a bit of Lotus Notes/Domino Development also. I’ve been in the IT industry now for about 6 years and have done pretty much everything having to do with computers or networks from building pcs, setting company standards for pcs to installing entire networks for large companies. My experience is mainly in the large corporate world (i.e. Coca-Cola, Sprint, GE and the CDC) maintaining various parts of the network and/or e-mail. Computers and Networks are really my passion.

I also have a family of 6. My Wife, 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls) and myself. You can see pictures here. They are really my wife’s children, but, I raised the 2 girls from 3 mos and 2 yrs old so I consider them to be mine. They bring me alot of happiness, watching them grow and just the joys of having children.

Most of the rest of my time is spent messing around with my Reef Tanks. I really enjoy keeping reefs. I consider that I have been mostly successful but not emmensly successful with the reefs. I can for the most part keep just about anything (except corraline algae) and most everything thrives. I will continue to keep and enjoy my reefs as long as physically and financially possible.

I hope you enjoy this website and come back to visit us every now and again and if you would like to contact me send me an e-mail, and if you’re interested here is my resume

Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything. I post my reef projects, computer projects and anything else I’ll spend alot of time and or money doing.

Well, I’ve made some changes to this page to kinda sort the projects out a little bit. I’m not sure I like it yet, but I guess we’ll see, I may end up putting it back. Let me know what you think.

2003-02-02 Lotus Domino R6

OK, I’ve installed Lotus Domino R6 on this server now. You can see a demo of the default Discussion Database here. I’ll start playing with the designer some and see what kind of content I can come up with and try to emulate my home page.
Ongoing Projects

2003-01-10 Learning PHP

I’ve currently been working on learning PHP. I’ve made a database and I pull all the content for the web site from the database. Pretty cool stuff.
2002-08-23 Lotus Notes/Domino User Registration

Here is a Lotus Notes/Domino User Registration DB. It is pretty dynamic, just fill in the configuration document, e-mail configuration, add certifiers and it should work for you. It uses adminp to register, delete and re-create people in the Domino Directory. It also has the capability of doing LDAP lookups to ensure the information provided during the initial request is valid. I’ve posted some Screen Shots of the application from the Notes Client.

I’ve tried using this on Linux but linux doesn’t use .dll files so… the meta-directory lookup feature causes errors. I’ll see if I can’t remove that part of the database and post a different version.
User Registration DB
Notes Person Form Notes Info Tab
Notes Person Form Person Info Tab
By Lastname View
Requested IDs View
WebPerson Form
Completed Projects

2003-03-08 Coral Identification Database

I’ve started developing a mySQL database to store information about different corals. It will include the common name, scientific name, picture and other details for keeping the coral. It’s just now in the beginning phases so once I get it working I’ll post some links and try to get it into the search engines.

Update: OK, it seems I pretty much got it working so check it out by clicking the links to the right or on the Main Menu. I still need to work on the search feature quite a bit, but it’s a good start I think
All Corals in Database
Add a Coral to the Database
Search the database
2003-01-01 Web Site Updates – Gallery

I’ve been working on the website alot lately. I replaced all of the FrontPage photo galleries with a real Gallery. You can see my pictures here. This removed the need to put the FrontPage Server Extensions on this web server. Let me know what you think.
My Photo Gallery
2002-12-19 Squirrelmail, Courier-IMAP and XMail all playing together nicely!

I’ve finally gotten Squirrelmail working with XMail. I used Courier-IMAP because it uses Maildirs instead of a mailbox. Here are the instructions.
2002-12-12 Redhat 8.0

I’ve also been working on Red Hat 8.0. It seems to be a fairly stable release and I haven’t had any problems with it so far, as a matter of fact is been very reliable, other than it being a memory hog. Here are some screen shots:































これらの戦略のすべてが植物病原性細菌で発見され、ほとんどの “高度な”寄生の種類は、宿主植物と細菌の間に押し込ま認識メカニズムを示唆しています。